Conversations That Matter

January 1, 2012

At The Art Spirit Cafe

January 1, 2009

Art Spirit Cafe
The Art Spirit Cafe is about shaping our world through conversations that matter and putting them out front for more reflection & deeper exploration. It is simply one more way of making meaning through our stories.

Giving Thanks for Many Blessings

November 24, 2007

Mierzwa Painting

Saltwater Country

November 12, 2007

Moses Point

Standing on the Summit

October 13, 2007

Summit of Kilamanjaro

On October 13, 2007 at 5:20 am local time, Harold Mah summitted Mount Kilimanjaro. The final ascent to the summit took the team 5 hours. Harold carried Nina’s photo with him for strength and courage.

The Colours of Fall

October 1, 2007

Fall Berries

Fall Colours

September 1, 2007


Art in Paradise

June 1, 2007

Nepali Coast

Beyond the Kimono

May 1, 2007

On these pages, you will find my art journey. As part of recent reflections and journeys, I started keeping an Art Journal of my learning curve of gratitude.  I decided that as well as a traditional coil-bound journal, I would also post this journey online. And this is it!

Beyon the Kimono

This Art Inside Journal is about taking what is often very private and putting it front & centre for more reflection & deeper exploration. It is proving to be an exciting experience in many ways. And, it is simply another way of making art using technology. I invite you to take a look beyond the kimono.

I invite you to visit My Art Spirit where you will find a place of art. You will see art pieces from many different sources. You will see art and images by artists who have influenced me. You will see photos which are my art. The photos are statements about my emotional place on this learning curve of gratitude.

I hope you find a way to look at beyond the kimono in another way. This Art Spirit is about my photography art. These images have been around and they feel like they are part of me but they are not. I just like them and like to use them. That’ s why I have included them.

The End